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Master planning, feasibility analysis and operational audits

Our goal is to combine the best of form and function to create venues that delight the customer and operate efficiently. Our team of operational experts develops multiple working models which take into account staffing requirements, cost & space constraints, operational and menu requirements to ensure that our venues are not just aesthetically pleasing but perform at peak productivity.

Services Include:

• Operational Audits
• Technology Deployment
• Change Management
• Customer Satisfaction
• Hiring, Training & Coaching Programs
• Profit Improvement
• Operational Support


Preliminary layouts, design, finishes, and furniture

Turning your vision into reality is what we do at Scopos Hospitality Group every day. Our Master Planning process begins with us understanding your vision, your objectives, your short and long terms goals, and the results that you are hoping to achieve. Using a structured process based on fact based analysis, industry best practices, and real case studies we develop solutions that will help meet your needs. Working collaboratively with your team we refine those solutions develop the ideal option.

Our team at Scopos Hospitality Group then develops an in depth report which includes review of the venues, space and area requirements, menu, hours of operation, staffing requirements, schematic diagrams, and advantages and limitation of the program. This programming document can be used to as the master plan to help develop the operation and direct future activities.

Concept Development

Preliminary layouts, design, finishes, and furniture

We can help you create concepts that will win awards, draw crowds, and be profitable. Launching a new restaurant requires an enormous amount of knowledge and we can help you at every step, from concept to opening, and every step of the way to help realize your vision.

• Building or Renovating a Venue
• Master Planning
• Concept Development
• Feasibility Analysis
• Program Development
• Space Planning
• Brand Development
• Technology Platform Development


Design and layout

SCOPOS Hospitality Group addresses all food and non-food areas including storage, preparation, production, ware washing, and serving spaces when designing a space. This ensures that the design and equipment meet the needs of the operation. We take into account the unique nature of each project in terms of service, sanitation, serviceability, durability, flexibility, security, equipment cost, and product and traffic flow.

We pride ourselves on incorporating our talents and skills into building designs that both meet client expectations and are cost effective and operationally efficient. We feel it is our responsibility to provide an environment that is both workable and pleasant, to solve special problems, and to design foodservice operations that function successfully.

• Equipment Floor Plan
• Equipment Schedules
• 3D Illustration
• Plumbing Point of Connection Plan
• Electrical Point of Connection Plan
• Rough-In Drawings/Wall Backing Plan
• Exhaust Hood Drawings
• Equipment Specifications/Specification Books
• Detail Drawings for Custom Fixtures
• Coordination with all
• Contractors/Engineers/Architects
• Review of Submittals
• Final Inspection Punch List


Interior architecture, lighting design, and finish selection

SCOPOS Hospitality Group offers a full spectrum of interior design services from finishes and fixtures to lighting and accessories. Integrating operational strategies & culinary expertise with design, finishes, lighting & construction requires expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Our team of experts has worked around the world with clients in successfully creating these experiences.

Fully adaptable to your requirements we can work with your team of architects and designers or are able to offer a full turnkey solution.


Furniture, custom millwork, lighting, window treatments, signage, and accessories

Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes a complete procurement department dedicated to sourcing equipment, furniture, fixtures, accessories, and furnishings to complete the project. Our extensive relationship with leading national and international suppliers and manufacturers allows us to procure these items at a cost effective price while passing on the savings to you.


Service Recognition

Just like individuals, your product or concept is unique and needs its own identity. Our brand creation specialist’s help you find your products voice and create its brand identity. This team helps develops logos, signage, marketing collateral, as well as social media presence. Our aim is to help you stand out among your competition.


Electronic signage, point-of-sale technology

Technology is as much a part of hospitality operations as it is everything else, and like all technology, it is constantly advancing. To stay on the cutting edge, SCOPOS Hospitality Group works with partners who specialize in electronic menu systems, point-of-sale systems, CCTV, and production services. Integrating the latest in technology advances and culinary services we ensure that your service operate at peak efficiency.


For marketing and promotion

Once a project gets underway, it’s important to get colleagues and residents excited about the coming changes. A great way to do this is to bring the space to life with a 3D rendering. Our 3D renderings and animations accurately depict the future space and how it will look in vivid detail.

3D Animation, Virtual Tour