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About Us

SCOPOS Hospitality Group is the premier hospitality consulting, design, and operational support services firm dedicated to meeting the needs of senior living, healthcare, corporate, and educational institutions worldwide. Our credo is to constantly innovate, challenge the status quo, bring new concepts to life and all the while surpassing customer expectations.


Our mission is to create hospitality environments that create excitement, indulge the senses, promote social interaction, increase business, and satisfy the desires of our clients through food and design.


One of the most important things to keep in mind when designing is how the space is going to be used day to day. At SCOPOS Hospitality Group, we design spaces from the point of view of the people who will populate it. Which features are most important to the customers? What design choices would allow employees to be most productive? We put ourselves in the minds the end users to ensure we provide not on the best looking, but the best working concept every time.


We review each new project from a design, space, and aesthetic perspective, as well as an operations and budget viewpoint. Utilizing the latest technology, we provide each client with the best possible design solution, one that maximizes efficiency and customer satisfaction, but minimizes cost.


Our first rule at start of every project is to develop the best solution to meet our clients current & long term goals. If we are recognized for our work, it is icing on the cake! Scopos Hospitality Group relies on giving its team the freedom to be creative and think outside the box. This process has helped us develop solutions which have become the benchmark for the industry.

Equipment Trends, Education & Technology

Educating our employees with the latest information available is one way SCOPOS Hospitality provides our clients with best solutions related to food service design. We attend multiple trade shows every year from the National Restaurant Association to Leading Age. SCOPOS Hospitality Group wants to make sure we our staff is utilizing the latest information associated with operations, culinary trends, technology, equipment, marketing as well as health & nutrition.